Beaglecare Fund

"Put a little hound in your heart!"

 World Wide “Beaglecare”
From every item purchased in our webshop a big part of the profit will go into our fund.

“Everyone loves beagley things”
Admit it, we have all bought things with beagles on it, but where does all that money go to? Some rich dude who doesn’t even have a beagle…?

“Time to do something about it!”
I will take a part of my personal profit and that money will go straight into the Beaglecare fund!

When the fund reaches 500$ it will be donated to a random Beagle Rescue Organization. The other part will be used to get more beagley things made.

Donation History:
Beagle Universe donated $500 to Triangle Beagle Rescue (USA) on August 12th 2017.
Beagle Universe donated $500 to Jodipro vzw (Belgium) on November 3th 2017.
Beagle Universe donated $500 to Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation on July 30th 2018.

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$290 of $500 raised
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